Deployment and Stabilisation of a Space Web in Micro-Gravity

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Suaineadh passed their CDR

The Suaineadh team is at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen at the moment for the Critical Design Review (CDR). Malcolm, Adam, Jerker and Thomas arrived in Munich on Monday morning at lovely sunny weather. The Suaineadh spend the whole afternoon and evening to prepare for the Suaineadh’s CDR presentation the next day. On Wednesday at 10:45am we had our presentation and it went quite well. Our team received a lot of good comments on the SED and experiment design. Just a few minor improvements were suggested for Suaineadh at the CDR. In the afternoon all REXUS 12 teams had a discussion about interfaces and possible interferences between the different experiments. At the REXUS CDR dinner in the evening, the Suaineadh team won the 3rd place in the REXUS User Manual Pub Quiz, woohoo J. We all got GSOC(ks) as a price. This morning we had some more presentation on pre- and post-delivery testing and an ask-the-expert session. At the moment the whole team is sitting together to discuss some of the minor issues that came up during the CDR which still need to be solved.

Suaineadh at the Science Festival in Glasgow

Just to report on the huge success of the Suaineadh experiment on this years Glasgow Science Festival. Andrew, John and Malcolm were on hand to display the experiment, including the prototype of CHAD and the Magic Hat ejection barrel which looked pretty impressive!! It was a long but fun day of talking to lots of people who seemed genuinely fascinated (even including the kids) with the work we are doing and all are looking forward to hearing of the success of the mission on BBC News next March!!!! We would just like to thank Debbie from the Science Festival for inviting us to show our work and also to everybody who came to see our display!!!