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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Selection Workshop is over

Sad to say, it’s our last day in snowy Holland. But we made our fond farewells last night with a visit to the local pubs. The first one had what we believe was a gun shot in the front window (Thomas chose this one) and the second was a brilliant corner pub with a fine selection of beers. We also introduced Thomas and Adam to their first Scottish whiskey (Thomas liked, but Adam said he could have gotten the same taste from simply licking wood!!)

Anyway, as it was our last day today, we made a quick trip to the airport early to check in our luggage and then proceeded swiftly to Amsterdam. We enjoyed a canal boat tour of the city and then Thomas decided to repeat the tour but instead on foot…..not happy!!! Nah, it was good, although some people should close their curtains because you could see them through their windows standing in their underwear (although, come to think of it, there were a lot of red lights about?!!). Jokes aside, our trip to ESA has been a fantastic experience and we thank the guys at ESTEC immensely for the opportunity. Jerker and Adam are on their way back to Sweden whilst Thomas and Malcolm prepare to brave the snow of Scotland again!!!!

We shall let you all know the decision of the judging panel for Rexus as soon as we find out, wish us luck!!!!

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