Deployment and Stabilisation of a Space Web in Micro-Gravity

Friday, 11 February 2011

Team back home again

The morning began with an early wake-up at 7:30am because we had to check out by 8am. After packing all our baggage into the bus we were heading off to DLR for one more last time. The morning was filled with exciting lectures about the REXUS and BEXUS launch campaign. We can not wait to go up to ESRANGE :).

The Trainings week ended with a nice lunch of Fleischpflanzerl und Kartoffelbrei (German meatballs and mashed potatoes). Based on the rainy weather, the team decided to go directly to the airport and not stopover in the city center of Munich. We will visit Munich more in detail when we come back for the CDR (Critical Design Review) in June. Going directly to the airport was a good decision because the time went by so fast. After a "dinner" at McD, Jerker, Adam and Mengqi headed towards Stockholm while Malcolm and Thomas flew back to Glasgow.

We had a really great time at the Trainings Week with everyone. Thank you very much for organising the whole event, it was awesome!

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