Deployment and Stabilisation of a Space Web in Micro-Gravity

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Suaineadh in London for SET for Britain

This Sunday, a part of the Suaineadh team went to London to present the Suaineadh experiment at the House of Commons in the parliament. Malcolm and Thomas left Glasgow early to do some sight seeing and preparation before the presentation on Monday. On the day of the 'SET for Britain' we got a private tour of the Parliament with our MP Ann McKechin showing us the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Our poster presentation afterwards went quite well, we received quite some interest on the Suaineadh experiment. The event was great to get an overview over the research undertaken in Britain at the moment. During the two hours poster presentation, the Suaineadh team took the chance to network with the other researchers.

We used to rest of the day to do some more sightseeing. We even saw the unveiling of the London 2012 countdown clock (500 days to go). Overall it was a succesful trip that brought us a lot of new ideas :)

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