Deployment and Stabilisation of a Space Web in Micro-Gravity

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Recovery Mission - Day 1 - Arrival

The first day on the recovery mission was the arrival day of Thomas, Michael and Jeremy to Kiruna. Jeremy and Michael flew from Frankfurt over Copenhagen, Stockholm to Kiruna while Thomas started in Glasgow with a direct flight to Copenhagen to meet up with Michael and Jeremy and then continue on the journey together. Unfortunately, Thomas’ plane from Glasgow had a technical problem during the flight and therefore had to fly back to Glasgow which caused a two hour time delay. When the plane was fixed and Thomas arrived in Copenhagen he already missed the connection flight to Stockholm and therefore also the last flight of the day to Kiruna. He had to stay a night at the airport hotel at the airport in Stockholm. This gave Thomas the chance to meet up with the leads of Suaineadh’s electronic team, Adam Wujek and Jerker Skogby, in the city center of Stockholm. It was great to hear their perspective in regards to the safe data recovery and data analysis after the recovery mission. In the mean time Michael and Jeremy arrived in Kiruna on time at 15:30, picked up the car and familiarized themselves with Kiruna. Fredrik will fly to Kiruna on Sunday morning.